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Addiction Recovery Services in Central Florida

Jones Family Health Services is here to help individuals living with alcohol or substance abuse addiction. Our addiction recovery services are available from our office, from your home, school, or any other open location as we provide outpatient services. Recover today with our specialists and you'll overcome obstacles you never thought you could. It's never too late!

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Mental Health Counseling

Living with mental illness isn't easy, but Jones Family Health Services will give you the tools you need to cope. From individual, family, groups, our mental health counseling, addiction recovery, behavior therapy and evaluation services will help you discover who you are, what your behavior means and how you can change it. Start your journey to healthy living today!

Services We Offer

Substance & Alcohol Evaluations

Court Ordered & Probation

Mental Health Evaluations

Family Group & Individual Counseling

Christian Counseling

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Behavioral Therapy & Evaluations

Why do we behave the way that we do? Our knowledgeable specialists will help you discover your behaviors, your habits, how the environment influences your behavior, and how your behavior can change through behavioral therapy. If you think you may live with a mental illness, our experienced specialists will perform in-depth mental health evaluations and screenings.

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Jones Family Health Services is an organization that facilitates an outpatient program which combines individual and group counseling to help people overcome mental and substance abuse afflictions. We also provide a high level of care to achieve a long term recovery. Our patient program uses treatment methods along with interventions to improve the strength of clients and to utilize resources that will create changes in the person life.   

Counseling Services

Our mental health counseling services are beneficial for children, young adults, families, single parents, or veterans living with: 





Our services will help you identify the real issues in your life and develop unique coping techniques centered on your concerns and behavior. Our therapy is available for individual, confidential sessions, group sessions, family sessions, or sessions centered on finding hope through Christianity. We are also traveling therapist as we will go out and meet our patients if necessary to their location.